I'm Dez! I write LGBTQ+ fiction on a variety of platforms as FantasyDeath. I also self-publish works as Tatiana Deribakin. Nice to meet you!

Patreon Early Access Novels: Masterlist

A masterlist of all the novels currently being actively updated on my Patreon:

After the End

Summary: In which an orc and an elf go on a road trip in a wartorn post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

Genres: BL, Epic Fantasy, Slice of Life

[Note: This one deals with heavier themes than I usually go for but it's, at its core, a story about healing. About moving on. About accepting that some things lost can never be regained—but that doesn't mean you should stop moving. It's a heartwarming story of growing and healing and finding purpose and love and companionship in a new world—not the world you wanted, but making the best of the world you have, and yet still working to make it better.]

Our Sweet Days

Summary: With his fiancé having been stolen by his (supposedly) kind-hearted and merciful younger brother, Sun Fang decides to take the high road. (To the surprise of everyone who's ever known him.) Instead of fighting to get his cheating fiancé back, Sun Fang sets out to fully enjoy the wealth of his family. After all, he's no longer the heir (his younger brother took that too) which means that he has no responsibilities. Ah, the life of a worry-free rich young master is really the best!

Genres: BL, Interstellar, ABO, Comedy, Slice of Life

Still Waters

Summary: Anaan’s village is in danger. Bandits come nearly every week, seeking to rob them of all that they possess. All their requests for aid have gone unanswered. But the dreaded Bandit King Janik is said to be seeking a spouse; something that Anaan is willing to stake everything on.

Genres: LGBTQ, Low Fantasy, Romance

[Note: This novel features a nonbinary protagonist using they/them pronouns.]

Hollow Hearts

Summary: Abandoned during a mission to an ancient ruin by his fellow mercenaries, Claude finds himself trapped in the dark underground labyrinth. His only companion is a humanoid golem, still guarding the labyrinth centuries after it fell into disrepair.

Genres: BL, Fantasy, Horror

Magician's Codex

Summary: Deep in the underbelly of Vanhaven, conspiracies are reaching their peak.

It's a time of kings, swords, and sorcery. Clay just wants a chance at a new life, after the clusterfuck that was the Royal Academy of Magical Arts and Vanhaven seems a good a place as any. It's got everything needed to blend in with the masses; a population of millions, the kind of casual disregard for others that comes from too many wars, and a thriving black market. Here, even a magician of questionable status and nearly no power can find work.

But scheming going back centuries hold the city tight in its grips, and nobody likes a magician from out of time.

Genres: LGBTQ, Epic Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure

[Note: This novel features a nonbinary protagonist.]

Published Books

As a rule, I generally self-publish my webnovels once they're complete. This is a blatant attempt to get some extra much needed money (and also just because I consider paperbacks to be awesome). If you feel like supporting me, please consider purchasing a book of mine!


I'm still putting this thing together.


General Info:
Coursebooks are maliciously expensive, so I’m opening commissions.

You can commission anything you want, for example a ‘What-If’ Valerio/Cale fic based on Thin Ice, an alternate POV on an event in It’s a Wonderful Life, or something else, it’s on the table. You can take any original characters, any original place, any AU/cliché/trope/concept/theme that you want and I will do my best to write it.

It doesn’t even have to be based on something I’ve written before! You can simply request Aliens + Nonbinary Protagonist + No Romance and I will let my imagination flow and write anything I can think of that fits it. I can create entirely new worlds and characters for you, or take something I’ve already made and rework it. It’s up to you.

I will not write fanfiction, i.e. something I do not hold the rights to. Copyright laws are really strict in my country. But we can crossover or fusion my original works!

IMPORTANT: Payments will be done through PAYPAL and you will pay the FULL price UPFRONT.

Refunds are NOT possible, even if you end up dissatisfied with the end product. You can cancel the commission at any time BEFORE it’s complete, and get HALF the money you paid upfront back.

If you cancel the commission before I’ve started writing it, you can get ALL the money back. I will let you know the moment I’ve begun to write it.

If you cancel after it’s complete, you will get NO money back. (I’m sorry I’m being harsh, it’s a combination of having no money + no faith in humanity.)

Once you have placed the order, I will email you to confirm it. At this point, you can still back out pain-free.

THERE ARE NO DEADLINES for commissions.
1) I am insanely busy with school and multiple ongoing projects (in priority, school comes first, commissions second, and everything else after).
2) I have autism/ADHD and have a wacky time-sense. Deadlines do not work well for me.
3) I have rheumatism in all my fingers and both my wrists; writing is sometimes literally impossible.

These are the prices I’m starting with. They may be changed later. In that case, you will pay the price that was the current price at the time the order was placed and NOT the new price.

The price for a commission is judged by the total wordcount. Note that k after a number means one thousand, ergo, 2k = 2000.

For commissions below 1000 words, the price is fixed at 10 USD, no matter how few words there end up being. In this case, you can choose a minimum wordcount.

For commissions at 10 000 words and above, the price is 150 USD plus (+) 100 USD for every 1000 words. IE a 13 000 commission would be 150 USD + 400 USD = 550 USD. It goes like this till the wordcount hits 20 000.

You can not commission over 20 000 words fics. The highest wordcount you can get is 19 999.

Patrons get an exclusive 10% discount on all commissions!


  • 1000- = 10 USD

  • 1000+ = 20 USD

  • 2000+ = 30 USD

  • 3000+ = 40 USD

  • 4000+ = 50 USD

  • 5000+ = 70 USD

  • 6000+ = 90 USD

  • 7000+ = 110 USD

  • 8000+ = 130 USD

  • 9000+ = 150 USD

  • 10 000+ = 250 USD

  • 11 000+ = 350 USD

  • 12 000+ = 450 USD

  • 13 000+ = 550 USD

  • 14 000+ = 650 USD

  • 15 000+ = 750 USD

  • 16 000+ = 850 USD

  • 17 000+ = 950 USD

  • 18 000+ = 1050 USD

  • 19 000+ = 1150 USD